by Coach Kelsey

AB Crew Varsity has had the best time over spring break! We got in some amazing miles on the Mystic River, and learned a lot about going straight!

Varsity Boys spent a few days seat racing, and doing lots of four minute pieces. The Varsity Girls have been doing similar things, and getting in a lot of miles in different conditions.  They’ve logged many miles in the 4+’s, and getting some good technique learnings in. We have spent a few afternoon’s in some smaller boats, getting miles in on the Mystic River and learning how to finagle some small boats. While sharing the river with Tufts Rowing, we have had the fortunate opportunity to observe some top tier college crews, which has been another great learning experience.

On Thursday, the Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls did four minute pieces together, and had a lot of fun learning and competing against each other. Nothing like some fun team competition!

The Novices have had a full run of Spy Pond this week.

From Coach Clara:

Greetings from Spy Pond! Over Spring Break, the Novice Girls have been hard at work with drills, steady-state, start work, sprint rehearsals, arts and crafts picnics, accidental twinning, and much more. Today at the erg room we had a video review session, as well as a Moana singalong during the warm-up run (naturally). This group never ceases to amaze me with their tremendous balance of grit, tenacity, joy, and playfulness. We are so excited for our first scrimmage next Saturday. Parents and guardians, thank you for all the transportation and support you provide that helps make this team possible.

From Coach Kelly:

The Novice Boys have been learning so much this week! With our double practices we have been getting some good quality meters. In the AM we have been focusing on our technical skills and power so that way in the PM we can apply what we learned into some continuous rowing and competitive pieces. It truly has been a blast this week and they have grown so much just by doing two practices a day. Not only are they getting better on the water but off the water as well! They have truly come together as a squad and seem to be very motivated by each other. To top things off the Novice Girls invited the Novice Boys to a picnic yesterday and I heard it was a success! All I can say now is that I’m getting more and more excited to see what these guys can do this season.

Thank you parents for all your help coordinating carpools and getting the kids where they need to be on time! You make the “team work!”

The Coaches

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