Practice Information

Rowers participate in two types of practice: land practice and water practice. Practice will either be held at the cage or the erg room. Click the links for directions.

Parents should be aware that coaches are not available to supervise rowers after the scheduled end of any practice. Parents are responsible for their children's safety and transportation after practice ends.

Land Practices

Rowing is a demanding endurance sport. Land practices are essential for training and conditioning, and might consist of running, circuits, or weight training. Land practices will also include training on ergometers ("ergs"), machines which simulate the rowing motion and help rowers improve their technique off the water. All land practices are designed to help rowers build their strength for practices on the water and races.

What to Wear (get the complete checklist)

Dress in comfortable workout clothes, including a pair of running sneakers. If we'll be outside and it's going to be cool, you should bring layers (sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc.). If we'll be inside on the ergs, you should wear tight-fitting clothes so that they won't get caught in the erg machines. You should also bring a water bottle.

Water Practices

As soon as rowers have taken the swim test, they will be allowed to practice in the rowing shells on the water. Water practices will focus on technique work and training "pieces," which mimic races.

What to Wear (get the complete checklist)

Rowers: You will need spandex shorts or long spandex to wear in the boat. This is because regular shorts will get caught in the tracks of the seats. Don't worry- everyone wears them! You can wear a pair of sweatpants or warm-up pants over the spandex on cool days or to change out of right before practice begins. Wear layers on top, such as a short and/or long-sleeved t-shirt, sweatshirt or windbreaker. Shirts and jackets shouldn't be too long, since they will need to be tucked into the back of your spandex. Bring one with you even if you think it is warm- it is always cooler on the water and you won't be rowing 100% of the time. Bring a pair of good, comfortable socks (you'll put these on once you get into the boat). Wear shoes that you can wear into the water. You will be walking at least knee-deep into the water. Bring at least one water bottle (and two if it's going to be hot) to keep in the boat and drink during practice. Wear sunscreen!

Coxswains: You will be sitting still for an hour to 90 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and bring extra layers because you will be cold. If you will be in a bow-coxed boat, you may want to wear waterproof clothing because you may get wet. Wear a hat and sunglasses. You should also always wear a watch- not just carry your cell phone. You will not be allowed to carry your cell phone in the boat for races. Bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen!