Q: Can athletes do either fall or spring?

A: Yes! While we do encourage athletes to row during the fall, winter, and spring in order to build the team to the best it can be, athletes can participate during only certain seasons and take part in another activity during the other season(s).

Q: What kind of commitment am I signing up for?

A: During both the fall and spring, practices run 5-6 days per week for around 2 hours. Athletes are expected to come to each practice but can talk to a coach if they need to miss a day. Regattas are each Saturday and/or Sunday starting a few weeks into the season and athletes are again expected to come to each one. Note: Missing a practice or regatta for medical, family, or school reasons is excusable. It is however absolutely necessary that the coach is notified as soon as possible. At least 2 weeks prior to a regatta and 24 hours prior for a practice (but always better late than never).

Q: What is the erg room?

A: The erg room is a room that AB rents where we keep our ergometers (ergs aka rowing machines). Squads meet there for one land practices per week. Coaches will have athletes do a variety of erg based workouts ranging from long and slower too short and fast. Coaches may also have their athletes go on a run or do a variety of other body weight workouts.

Q: What are water practices vs. land practices?

A: Each squad has water practices 4 days per week which means they are on the water rowing. Land practice is normally one day per week for each squad where they meet at the erg room to do erg based workouts. If it’s too windy coaches will make the decision to hold land practice instead of water practice which in that case would often times be a run or body weight workout.

Q: Is there a commitment during the summer?

A: No. Arlington-Belmont Crew does not offer a full summer program to current athletes. There is a learn to row program held over the summer through Arlington Recreation for new athletes which existing athletes can help the coaches run.

Q: What is the winter season?

A: Winter season is a land only season. As it is too cold to go on the water, the team spend the winter months in the erg room and in a gym. This allows athletes to build strength and endurance for the water seasons!

Q: Is there a difference between Fall and Spring season?

A: Yes. During the fall all regattas (races) are around 5000 meters long and the regatta take place over the course of one day. During the spring regattas are 2000 meters long and the regatta often take place over the course of two days. This makes for different race strategies and means races feel different for the athletes.