Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

At least one parent or guardian and the athlete must read, understand and agree to comply with all aspects of the code of conduct during the program year (the first day of practice in August of this calendar year to the same date in August of the following calendar year).


All Arlington-Belmont Crew participants are expected to pledge to adhere to the following Code of Conduct, which includes, but is not limited to, the terms listed below

  1. I will demonstrate good sporting behavior, minimally defined as:

* showing respect for my teammates, the coaches, officials, volunteers, other teams and spectators

* making best efforts to improve my understanding of the sport and my individual performance on the team

* recognizing that my on-time attendance at all practices and races is critical to my as well as my teammates’ experience on the team;

* accepting and carrying out the instructions of the coaching staff promptly when asked; and

* treating all equipment and property of both AB Crew and its participants with care and refraining from any activity that may do damage to either.

  1. I understand that I must be present in school in order to participate in any practice or activity that is scheduled for that day
  2. I understand that the expectation is that I will be at every practice and race on time, and that I will schedule all other appointments and obligations so as not interfere with practices and races. Coaches intend “on time” to mean that you arrive early. If due to unexpected illness or injury I am not able to attend a practice, I will notify my Coach by email or text no later than 7:00pm the night before, except for medical emergencies that arise after that hour in which case I will notify my Coach as soon as possible.
  3. I understand that I am expected to participate in at least two fundraising activities per program year and raise the minimum amount of contributions established for each such fundraiser.


  1. I understand that the expectation is that I arrive early to races in order to help unload and rig equipment and that I remain at races to support my teammates and until all of the equipment has been de-rigged and loaded onto the trailer.
  2. I understand that my Coach has the authority to determine racing opportunities and line-ups based on his/her observations of my ability, attendance, attitude, effort, fulfillment of fundraising obligations, and/or adherence to this Code of Conduct.
  3. I understand that I will be cut from the team for persistent violations of this Code of Conduct, including missing or being late to practices or races (or both), as determined by my Coach in his or her discretion and in consultation with the Head Coach. One warning by electronic mail or text will be issued for any violation of this Code of Conduct. Should a second violation occur, I understand that I risk being cut from the team and that I will not be entitled to any refund of the fee if the cut is made any time after the cutoff or drop date for refunds established by AB Crew.


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NOTE: This is for reference only. Athletes and parents agree to this policy as part of the registration process.